Friday, December 31, 2010

What Shipped

I do like/follow Seth Godin (see bottom right).  His post was my challenge today, the last day of 2010.  It was simple – what shipped?  What projects did I get “out the door” in 2010.  (it doesn’t count if it didn’t ship).  Here’s my list.  I thought it was a good challenge for all of us. Here are my highlights:

  1. Started Bob’s Rock-Slate-Paper. 4 months in and just starting to see that folks like it.  The evolution and engagement will dial up in 2011. I promised myself I would start writing years ago.
  2. Delivered highest growth for my business (+23%) than it has had in over 10 years.  Our team won Best Team Performance at our national corporate meeting.  We now have a sustainable model that delivers great results  - and the right people managing it.
  3. Brought back together an amazing group of individuals to play music and recapture the spirit of rock and roll we had as we were growing up.  Played a reunion concert in July. Putting a proposal together for a re-launch. A new chapter begins. 
  4. Finished several new original songs. I promised myself I would actually do this.
  5. Our second daughter “shipped” off to college and is loving school.  Our oldest returned from a wonderful semester abroad.  Our son enjoys crazy adventures with friends and his love for baseball.  Kathy loves her job and received promotions. 

I do realize the above items seem a bit disjointed, but that’s OK.  I had been using that as an excuse to not begin many of these endeavors for a number of years.  As if “fit” was a prerequisite to forward movement.  Now it is all about forward progress. 

For 2011?  A lot more items were started and the list will be really fun next year as well.

So, what did you ship this year?  You might be surprised. Probably more than you think.

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