Monday, January 21, 2013

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Survey Shows Top Tools For B2B Demand Generation

In the fall of 2012, we posted a link from our site to participate in a survey on demand generation tactics for B2B companies.   Software Advice published the results of the 2012 B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey.    While every business has unique approaches to building leads, these results are a great guide to what works best.

Tools generating the highest quality results for lead generation
B2B Marketers identified digital tools such as search engine advertising and search optimization as highest in quality along with 3rd party lead generators, in-house email and trade shows. 
B2B Demand Generation Quality Tools

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Avoid the “Hammer and Nail” Approach to Growing Your Business

hammer and nail marketingMarketing is a confusing topic to most small business owners. The process is not well understood.  Owners want more customers to buy more of what they provide – simple.  The word “marketing” itself is looked upon skeptically. 

Much confusion stems from the fact that communication tools are evolving at a rapid pace.  Social, digital and mobile platforms are taking the place of traditional selling and advertising. New subject matter experts promote magic bullet solutions to finding new customers.  Beware – if bad choices are made, lots of time and money can evaporate.

The Hammer and the Nail

When listening to advice from a marketing service provider, remember Maslow’s comment “to a person with a hammer,  every problem is a nail”.   Website designers pitch new websites as the best way to get more customers. Social media gurus suggest the latest social tools (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), and on it goes, leaving the small business owner confused and vulnerable, worried they are missing the boat entirely, because each expert sounds convincing.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Logos Need to Communicate Evolving Corporate Identity

Comcast logo new

Comcast just announced a new logo in December 2012.  The combination of the cable company Comcast and the entertainment provider NBCUniversal (which Comcast purchased in 2011) created the need for a new identity that neither logo alone could provide.  
The logo redesign is a straightforward combination of the two existing logos and suggests to employees, stakeholders and customers that they are really one entity.  Try imagining your local cable driver working for the same company as judges on “The Voice” or creators of thrill rides at Universal park in Orlando and you get an idea of the need to tie it all together.  The stronger capital letters and more modern font are really the only changes (I can only guess what the design firm charged them for this).   Here is how this new logo evolved:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Android's Success in Mobile Technology - Graphic

Mobile technology continues to penetrate every corner of our world, offering more communication choices for consumers and better technology for marketers to connect with consumers.

The growth and success of Android's operating system in phone and tablet devices has also been remarkable.  At a time in which Apple may have lost its commanding innovative edge - lets take a look at the dominant market share of the Android operating system in the smartphone and tablet market.  There are now 250million Android devices activated every year versus 105million IPads and IPhones. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Who Really Owns Twinkies?

TwinkiesWere you part of the collective “gasp” when you heard the news that our beloved brand – Twinkies – might be no more?  Hostess, the makers of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, HO-HOs and Wonder bread announced it is shutting down operations.  Hysteria ensued in social and traditional media, with reports of Twinkie-hoarding and outrageous prices. If you were like me, you might have thought “Wait, this can’t really happen…can it?”.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Is Social Media More Effective for B2B Companies?

Many marketers have held the belief that social media is more effective for companies that sell to consumers (B2C) rather than to other businesses (B2B).  After all, B2B business is transacted by buyers and sales people who deal with complex bundles of product deliverables, pricing options and human relationships.

The opposite is actually true.  Social Media Marketing Report, a 2012 study, conducted by Social Media Examiner showed that B2B companies are using social media at a similar level to their B2C counterparts and, more importantly, are reporting stronger results.

Interestingly, this study shows that 56% of of B2B companies have gained new business partnerships using social media – a higher level than the 45% of consumer companies reporting new business partnerships.  B2Bs claimed greater marketplace insights (69% vs. 60%) and felt they get better search engine rankings (60% vs. 50% for B2C).  The one area that lagged significantly for the B2B companies was the development of loyal followers and fans (63% of B2C companies versus only 53% of B2B).