Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Personal Branding–Revisited

I searched the topic “Personal Branding” on the web.  My quick review showed that this was a hot concept starting a few years back (2006 – 2008). Given that the use of the internet for job searching, posting profiles and social media has really dialed up significantly, maybe it is time to look again.

standing outIf we look back 5 years ago, social media was really getting started.  The discussion of personal branding at that time focused on the opportunity to use social media to get our profiles onto the web and viewable by search engines. The job market was just beginning to look seriously at this.  Many lists and tips were posted: creating the one minute elevator speech, using Linked in profiles, blogging, Facebook, personal brand statements, etc.  All great ideas.

How about today?  Should we keep pushing this idea forward, by borrowing the marketing tools that corporate marketers have been refining over many years?  These tools include target market identification, opportunity identification, consumer insight development, long range strategy, working plan.  Social media is a great tactic, a tool, but a personal brand, like any successful brand, will be built on a personal reputation communicated effectively and consistently over time, just like brands we have come to love in our life. The idea of creating a personal brand has never been quiet as important as today - and the competition has never been keener. 

I love this idea.  This could be fun. 


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