Monday, November 22, 2010

The Power of Your Inner Circle

While I am no an expert on executive coaching, there is one thing that I have found true of successful people – the ones who consistently make things happen while others are merely getting by.

Bruce Springsteen and Jon Landau
Their secret is the power of their inner circle.  It’s surrounding yourself with like minds that are supportive of your goals and compliment your style. They fill in where you are not as strong to bring skills and strength to your vision.  Steve Jobs had Wozniak.  Bill Gates had Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer.  Paul had George, John and Ringo (as well as George Martin).  Springsteen had Jon Landau – a music writer who became his producer and went on to produce his biggest records.  Larry Page and Sergey Brin together launched Google.
Beatles and George Martin 1962

Andrew Carnegie once said that the reason he could make money in virtually any industry he would choose was that he had the best minds in the world in his inner circle managing his business. He attributed that alone to his commercial successes. It’s the inner core, the Power circle.  You might be a financial genius or marketing pro, but you will need the advice of product development, operations, and customer management.  You get the picture. 

Most folks of any level of success likely have an inner circle, but may not (formally or informally) consciously leverage the group as a team.  So how do you build and nurture your Power Circle.  First identify the importance of it.  Communicate you goals.   These are not just your golfing buddies, your friends from bridge club.  These folks are in for the ride and share your agenda.  They are confidants in the world of business and may be financially dependent upon your success – as you may be to theirs.   

Larry Page and Sergey Brin
Second, nurture the relationship.  Remember, it is a two way street.  They will want to help you but will likely want to understand what is in it for them if the requests are serious about managing your career and business.   And then be consistent, continuous and generous with your time for these folks.  You are building a fortress called the Inner circle.  It is the power behind your success (and perhaps theirs as well).


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