Friday, October 15, 2010

Discussion Boards Challenges

So i posted some great thoughts on a group board last night. the topic was innovation and whether the front end of innovation should abandon the stage gate process and move to newer model like crowd-sourcing so as not to squash creative thinking. The topic is meaty and very relevant for both marketers in the applied business world of brands as well as the fuzzy front end types in innovation labs and academia.

I realized however, that posting into this conversation was not going to be too fruitful. there are about 7-10 folks in this discussion topic and they have been at this discussion for a few weeks at this point. So my comments, which went a slightly different direction, were a bit of an interruption for these folks. . I expect no comments back on my post, and here is my learning. Some groups are very open - like a big networking party at a hotel, lots of noise and everyone talking about themselves. Some discussion groups are like small parties that hope to welcome others and get bigger. some however are more like a close group of friends that have gone off on a hunting trip in a cabin in the woods. Commenting into these groups is like showing up unannounced at the hunting cabin looking for something to eat. The reception will be very cold.

Two learnings for me. First, read up on the board and identify the openness to new ideas. second, join in the conversation by commenting on someones post, not just stating your position on a topic (especially if it tries to take the conversation in a new way). remember, that in any conversation, you would address your comments to a person and look them min the eye. i guess boards are a little like conversations

I will let you know my feedback from the group and now i am personally challenged to start posting

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