Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Choosing a New Path

Being different. I am not talking about different as in weird. I am talking about choosing the path less traveled; the one they said would be hard. Changing directions when others think you should choose more of the same. Feeling uncomfortable about the next page you need to turn

Why is it that being different is so hard?
Because the payback is unknown. You are not comfortable and comfort is something you have come to know. You didn’t always know comfort, but now you do and you don’t want to give it up. Others are not giving it up so why should you

Why is being different so rewarding
Because it means you are taking a hard but necessary step toward the future you have imagined. You have to go there cause you can’t stay still. If you stay still you will be comfortable but unrewarded.

Go forward. It makes sense. Others don’t need to understand. The rewards of a new path might be different than you have imagined, but whatever they are, they are waiting. Good luck

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