Monday, October 15, 2012

Can Social Media Predict the Election?

The greatest marketing and branding show in the world is brought to us every four years in the months leading up to the US presidential election. Social media is playing a more critical role in influencing our decision for the our country's chief executive just as it is in campaigns hoping to influence our decision of which brand of car, laptop or box of cereal to buy.  In the case of a presidential election, social media's effect is greater due to the sheer volume concentration of messages by an entire US population focused solely on a single choice between 2 candidates.

Social media's role is evolving. While more and more of us engage each other on social media, we can now more accurately measure attitudes. Therefore, social media could be used to make pretty accurate predictions as to who will win.

Makes me wonder whether we shouldn't just close the loop and vote via social media.  Think of how much time and energy that would save.

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Social Media Election 
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Jim said...

Interesting stats. And I thought social media was just influencing consumerism.