Monday, August 13, 2012

A Consumer Insight Behind Social Networking

We often examine the marketing opportunities presented by social networks and social media.  But what do social networking habits say about consumers and all of us?  Are we seeking communities, friendships, and followers, or is something closer to real human nature at play?

As we face our drug-like addictions to checking twitter, texts and Facebook every few minutes during the day or night, we start to sense that there is a lot of "me" in "community" and being a friend is really an affirmation that we exist in the world.   Our obsession with social networks is really just another avenue with which to travel with the company of our own self-absorbed identity.

The implications for brands that participate in social media are important.  Rallying a community means exciting an individual - usually with offers and discounts.  Asking for good feedback and opinions will yield results but from a vocal minority.  The broad audience is a passive audience, even to really interesting and new ideas.   Brands and communications that do not affirm my identity are irrelevant.

Maybe human nature hasn't changed that much since the days of the home telephone and network TV.  In any case, it is still useful to ask ourselves why people use social networks, then how they use it.  It is only then that we can we participate with them.

Psychology of Social Networking
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