Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brand Building - The Power of the Flower

dictionary-plants-flowersSummary - Brands, like people, benefit from rich relationships which are cultivated with passion and persistence.  

The Philadelphia International Flower Show comes to town this week (March 4 –11, 2012) and over 250,000 gardening hobbyists are expected to come to the Philadelphia Convention Center to see the amazing displays.  The theme this year is “Hawaii – Islands of Aloha”.

There is just something hypnotic about a flower.

imageI visualize consumer connections, relationships and networks to be like flowers. Flowers communicate with unique confidence and color and invite everyone to look and respond.  The number of flowers is not what captivates, rather the color, shape, and scent catches the senses. More  are better than fewer only if viewed from a quantitative, rather than qualitative, point of reference.


Gardening is a perfect analogy to building a brand – where building connections is accomplished one person at a time after a lot of time and energy and before any beauty can be seen.

Just as man cannot replicate the natural beauty of a flower, business cannot predict the emotion that connects people – employees, customers, consumers.  New methods, digital tools, relationship models, and leadership training provide efficiency, yet the gardener knows that passion and tending what is unseen lead to the beautiful blooms in Spring. 

Enjoy the show! 

phila flower showimage

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