Sunday, November 6, 2011

Visual Marketing (and the Power of a Cute Spokesperson)

imageThere is power in visual ideas – executed well. 

I am starting to see more and more info graphics charts everywhere on the blogosphere. I love facts and visuals. The chart on the left distills who’s who in the world of car insurance.

Visual cues are so important in the world of marketing. Car insurance has used visual cues tremendously well over the last several years. Car insurance companies used to be pretty boring advertisers. Messages were filled with safety and security laden jingles. Worse than that, most people don’t like insurance companies due to their high premiums. But the industry has actually become fun and it is due to some brilliant visual advertising ideas.


When Geico insurance launched great campaigns with the gecko and the cavemen, people took notice and starting moving in droves to their brand.  

“Flo” at the Progressive “insurance store” introduced us to her quirky personality and is kind of of someone you might want to hang out with. image





“Mayhem” crashes face first through your roof or windshield and is similarly shaking up the stodgy image of Allstate’s “you’re in good hands” moniker.clip_image004




State Farm could use some more interesting advertising. Their messages are generic and forgettable.


I don’t know what Farmer’s Insurance core message is in their advertising, but they have definitely caught our attention (just entering the Philadelphia market) with their quirky personality and strong jingle. image

We all don’t have the massive advertising budgets of these companies, but don’t be fooled, the strength of these messages are in the strength of the visual idea, not how much is being spent.

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