Monday, August 1, 2011

Marketing Technology – Building a Better Consumer Relationship

Marketers love to find the latest technology to help their brands stand oproduct display with screenut, communicate with the consumer and, ultimately, build sales.  New technology looks exciting and is fun to put into the marketing plan.  It promises to build awareness and generate interest on a new product. Sometimes these new technology tools work well, results are measurable and deliver sales payback versus the costs.  Sometimes, however, the technology is used as a means to be more intrusive and simply shout a message louder than everyone else.   

What marketers should really be looking for are the tools that engage the brand with the consumer to build a stronger relationship. Communication that engages is not one-way; it invites input in order to build a relationship. The “we sell, you buy” relationship turns into “we offer, you tell us what you think” or better yet, “tell us what you need, we will build our offering around that (and then you can let us know how well we did)”.

Your marketing plan should definitely include the tools of engagement with the consumer.

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