Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pepsi Refresh Campaign - Putting the “Social” in Social Media

Pepsi is encouraging people to take on a social project in their latest “Refresh” on-line campaign – and they will in turn post your project and even help to fund.  Fantastic idea.  A brand the size of Pepsi can make this happen.  The viral implications are great, the example for the young generation is cool, and it just might make a difference in the world. 

So what’s the problem?  Well, Pepsi is not growing.  Actually, Diet Coke took the number 2 spot away form the flagship Pepsi brand.  That hurts.

The bloggers and advertising community are buzzing.  Pepsi took their eye off of the fact that they have to sell soda first.  Too many eggs (media dollars) in one basket.  They even skipped out on Super Bowl advertising to start this viral on-line campaign (sort of makes you long for the days of Cindy Crawford sipping a Pepsi in super slow motion).  Social media is an add-on, not a replacement, to the core media message.  Doing good rocks, but it comes on top of the core.  I agree and applaud.  Case study…closed.

In my humble, expert opinion; if what you are doing does not resonate with your sales team (I assume they had a few skeptics in that group), beware. Put yourself in the shoes of that team.  Are they applauding along with your consumers?  Are you driving sales and helping the team make bonus.  Successful brands do just that.  

Social media is a valid and bold strategy, no matter what the skeptics say.  Your consumers have to love you too.  Just watch out on how you allocate the messaging. 

Hats off to a great idea.  Now, lets sell soda.

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