Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Most Important Factor for Personal Success

women-shaking-handsIf there is a single trait that successful people possess, it is the ability to see opportunity in situations where others do not.   What is just another day at the job for some, others see tremendous new business opportunities.  What is just another conversation with a colleague, others see as a networking opportunity, or sense that person’s fit in a new role.  When an unhappy customer calls, some see it as an opportunity to learn what went wrong and strengthen that very relationship. 

Like most truths regarding success, seeing and believing in opportunity is no secret.  During tough times, when one might feel less opportunistic, this ‘vision of sight’ goes against our natural wiring. Most people don’t intuitively see problems as opportunities.  We fear failure more than we embrace change and success.  We seek relaxation by switching off when the task at hand is done.  It may be how our brains are wired, or how we were programmed from those around us when we are young. 

This ability to see opportunity all around is a state of awareness that can be developed – here are 3-simple steps:

  1. Surround yourself with like minds and people who demonstrate this ability. Negative thinking and lack of ideas are far more prevalent in your environment than you may think.
  2. Clear your mind from clutter and fear - become aware of opportunities.
  3. Practice everyday – starting with simple, non-threatening situations first.  Keep a list of new ideas, change your own negative comments to idea building comments.  Soon it will become second nature. 

Sensing opportunity is something that can be learned and can contribute greatly to your success.  But, it must be practiced until it is the the first path of thought.   When you look around your life, what do you see? 

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