Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Ads – “Car Wars”

How about the Super Bowl?  it was a clash of the titans – and I don’t mean the Steelers and the Packers – how about the car ads? These guys showed up with their game faces on ready to hit hard.  So which competitor got you most interested in buying their car (that’s what advertising is supposed to do) at the end of the day anyway?  So let’s look at the top commercials, as rated by yours truly, against the following criteria:

  1. Was the ad fun/compelling/interesting to watch?
  2. Do you remember what was being advertised?
  3. Does it make you want to learn more or maybe even buy one?

The Kia Optimum   StarStarStarStar (out of 5)

Brilliant story, extremely compelling, surprising that it is a Kia.  Branding link is a bit weak so many might not remember the name of the car

#2  Volkswagen Passat  StarStarStar

Very, very compelling, and touching.  I only wish it were stronger on making one want to buy a car rather than the sweetness of the boy and his dad.  I wasn’t sure which Volkswagen they were advertising either.  But I could watch this ad a hundred times. 

#3 Chevy CamaroStarStarStar

This is actually a pretty cool ad –especially for guys who want a cool car.  Compelling, and good branding.  Makes you want to buy this car, and maybe go on a date with Miss Evelyn – Isn’t that why guys buy cars anyway…..?

#4  Chrysler 200 with EminemStarStarStar

Great in-your-face attitude.  Detroit strikes back and looks cool.  I am a bit surprised that it is a Chrysler 200. Does it make me want to buy a Chrysler 200?  Not really, but I am rooting for Detroit’s comeback.

#5 AudiStarStarStar???

This one is the strangest ads and is so far out of left field, I don’t know what to say. It must have cost a fortune to shoot this spot.  I think you have to see this a few times to get all that is going on.  I give them credit, but I am not sure I am compelled to buy an Audi on the premise that if I chose an Audi, I won’t become locked in an out-of-touch “luxury prison” (Mercedes)

So there you have it.  There were some other good ones too, but these seem to hit the mark for me.  I remember them the next day, and that is probably saying a lot for a TV ad.

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