Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Power of One

Marketers live within the paradigm of large numbers.  How to reach a broad audience, connect, persuade and satisfy them with a product.  It is very simple and straightforward.  We don’t even stop to think about it.  The goals we measure our results against are framed with words that refer to large numbers and low costs – terms like reach, impressions, conversion, trial rates, repeat rate, etc. 
What if a marketer or business tried to measure itself by the ability to connect and persuasively impact only one person or one small singular group?   What if only one person really got it, was truly persuaded, was convinced by a message you built just for them?  It would turn marketing upside down.  Any working marketer could only think of the inefficiency, and waste of resource, money, time. 

But, you would know everything about that person.  More than you know your best friend or spouse or kids - how they think, what drives them, what they like and hate about everything you do.  You would meet with them, travel with them, ask them lots of questions.  You would cater your offering to only them.  They would thank you for the gift of building something just for them and would be a lifelong devotee to your product (as long as it satisfied their needs)

They would then tell their whole world all about you because you would actually matter to them.

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