Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hosting the Party

I’ve heard it said that “It is better in business to be the host of the party than the cook”.  Hmm….  That is a bit harsh, but likely true.    Business, brands, and people have more success when they are known for offering solutions to life’s problems consistently over time, rather than offering any single breakthrough idea.  One avenue is not necessarily easier or more difficult than another.   Think about the following examples: 

·         Is your restaurant known as the place everyone goes with friends or simply known for the best wine list

·         Can your service extend into multiple categories because it satisfies a broad consumer need, or is it a single item focus (albeit well loved).  E.g. are you a tree service or the must-have,  full-line landscaping service (with a tree service offering)  

·         Does your business grow by word of mouth or is each customer a new effort.

How about from a career standpoint

·         Are you known as the one who can turn companies around, or are you known for expertise in Finance?

·         Do you own the next big record label or are you the lead guitarist in the band?

·         Are you the go-to guy for building wonderful homes, or are you the electrician working as a subcontractor?

Don’t get me wrong, skills, trades, and excellent single offerings are great things.  They are where virtually everything starts.  You can’t have one without first doing the other well.   But it is true that the service you provide will change and grow if you are to evolve.   Think broadly since the bigger rewards come to those who satisfy the larger need.  What will be your legacy?

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