Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Focusing the Rock Blog

Yeah, so I spent a bit of time the other day mapping out who I should be talking to. The goal is focus. The opportunity to really build a credible voice. To build an interested following.

I have been lightly riffing on the personal side of time management a bit too much lately since it is what comes to mind when I wake up and have a million projects I need to accomplish and my team must manage. But that is not breakthrough subject matter, so it wears thin on my list of things to get done every day.

Who am I writing for - Mid and senior level managers in small to mid size companies

Why – they might be looking for solutions and new thinking to tough questions on branding, and innovation, and scoping out new markets

What will they get – a fresh perspective on the above

But this is no textbook, I want to keep it light. Quick hits. You want to read this with a cup of coffee in your hand to get up to date. As I said in an earlier post, this is about learning together. I want to have share some new theories on the marketing side and break them down into the real world. Examples from the real world. That’s key. No one is smarter than me and you will see that in my tone. I am there to help you win.
The audience I hope to build gets excited about their organization winning in the market. They are application-ists, not academics. Cut-and-paste. They are looking to grow in the market with consumers and they want to go now. They appreciate that they are not process junkies.

So, enough focusing. Lets go.

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