Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Opportunities in the "New World"

Reading a lot lately that one of the likely reasons we are slow to get out of this recessions is that the type of jobs being created are “New World” jobs. New World is my term that refers to jobs thare are primarily information technology, general technology, web-based, somewhat more contracted in nature. I am sure someone will come up with a great definition. What I find interesting is that there are jobs that are going unfilled at this time. The government actually reported that there is huge growth in the percentage of jobs being posted and that are actually not being filled by anyone.

Well as I look at the jobs being posted in my world, they are high skilled jobs that require experience in being able to manage across web platforms and interactive design for companies building this expertise and needing this capability. These are essentially not the type of jobs that big manufacturing was once known for or for which most workers are trained.

This offers another harsh reality to older workers and for the population in general, and that is that these knowledge / IT / web roles are roles for which few are actually proficient and trained. Remember your first job, getting trained in the ways of sales, marketing, engineering at your firm?? The old world skills of manufacturing and office work, logistics, admin, accounting are leaving this country to be filled by less expensive workers around the world.

Of course, we will still need to buy automobiles and eat food and purchase other manufactured items, but corporations are mandated to secure the lowest costs and retailers are competing on low prices. This is a recipe for disaster for an old world US worker.

What to do? As an “Old World” worker(most of the employee base in this country) the answer is basically – do everything you can to gain experience in knowledge based, creative, web based roles that will be created. The goal is not familiarity, nor to be somewhat skilled. The goal is thoroughly familiar and brilliance in the ability to use technology to augment the skill set or discipline you have. The message here is – Don’t Wait! Get trained, learn the web, and everything you can about how your field of endevour is being married to technology and how your industry (at least the US portion of it) will be managed in the future.

Opportunities will be there for the brilliant among us in the New World - very few may be made available for the mediocre in the new world and almost no opportunities will remain for those looking to remain in the Old World.

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