Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My first Blog

I have just set up my own blog. I read a statistic that there are over 10million individual blogs out there. Must be a lot to digest. So why should you read this one. Well, if you work in business and especially innovation, I hope to provide some of my experience and thinking on how innovation can be applied to the everyday.

The Aplle IPad, the Ipod, the invention of cell phones, and other technologies, along with great new CPG products, like Axe from Unilever. First of all they are all breakthrough and successful. But they represent only a fraction of the true innovation going on in businesses large and small. There are millions of smaller and commercially viable innovation processes, line extensions and new campaigns that are profitable and moving companies and organizations ahead. – Even if they are not the most “talked about” rockstar innovations.

You see, the market for innovation has changed. It is far more likely that you will succeed with incremental and therefore profitable innovation built on the core competencies of your organization than in blasting out a game changer. And the profits you make building and launching everyday, significant improvements in how you go to market will build your organization over the long term. Truly, the most exciting success a business can have is in setting up a viable and well run organization that competes effectively in its given market. It isn't easy

I started this because I love to see corporations grow. Having worked in companies both large and small, I have seen everyday the value of teams working together to develop innovation. I will try to point out the key principles of innovation and organizational competencies to help support your thinking to help you succeed everyday

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